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United Scientific supply SP Scientific Genevac centrifugal evaporator and concentration systems solutions in Southern Africa.

Genevac has outpaced the competition by partnering with customers to understand the obstacles involved in using centrifugal evaporation/concentration systems.


Genevac Microplate Heat Transfer Plates

Heating Plate

Double Your Evaporation Speeds with microtitre plates and compound storage racks

Evaporation from microtitre plates and microtitre sample formats can be extremely slow. Their design makes it difficult to transfer enough heat for rapid evaporation, especially with slow drying solvents such as water or DMSO.

Genevac Pre-Owned Lab Equipment

From time to time Genevac has pre-owned or ex-demonstration systems available for sale. These systems are fully serviced, normally have received the latest updates and are guaranteed by Genevac.

If you are considering buying a pre-owned Genevac system from any other company, we strongly recommend that you contact Genevac who will be able to arrange for one of our service engineers to inspect the system and advise as to itfs condition and any repairs, should they be required.

Genevac runs a continuous improvement program for all products, therefore a Genevac system bought today is of a higher standard than one build a couple of years ago. These improvements not only include introduction of more reliable components, but also those which provide greater utility. So before you snap up your used bargain, consider this list of upgrades which you may require, and factor them in to your cost calculations:

  • Installation and inspection of system by Genevac engineer - $1,000
    (This does not include any necessary repairs or travel)
  • Upgrade of Cole vacuum pump to Scroll pump - $12,780 (Installed)
  • 1 year service contract for HT-4X - up to $10,200 (Depending on options)
  • Prices are based on USA as of 21 November 2007, and may vary worldwide.

Genevac Legacy Evaporation Products

Genevac’s high performance solvent evaporation systems are designed for use in drug discovery applications and are in use in pharmaceutical research laboratories world wide.

Our aim is to continually improve the products that we offer, providing support for all previous version during their usefull lifetime.
This area of our web site provides information on what have become our "Legacy Products".
Genevac designed the EZ-2 & EZ-2plus with the specific requirements of lead optimisation in mind. Years of experience in solvent evaporation and sample purification allow Genevac to produce a high-efficiency sample concentrator that is high performance, easy to use, very reliable and compatible with almost all commonly used solvents and acids.
The product of detailed market research amongst biologists, the EZ-Bio was part of an integrated development programme based on our highly successful EZ-2 solvent evaporation platform. The EZ-Bio uses advanced and proven technology in evaporation science to solve the common problems of solvent removal in Life Science. The new EZ-Bio Personal Evaporator is all a rugged and modern centrifugal evaporator should be and more.
Replaced by the Scroll Pump, the Genevac CVP vapour vacuum pumps work on the Cole Principle, which enables them to pump all acid and solvent vapours with no regular maintenance and no oil changes.
The HT-8 Series II system was designed to provide the ideal solution for evaporation bottlenecks in the drug discovery laboratory. 

The system's high performance and high sample capacities made them the ideal workhorses for the laboratory requiring high throughput evaporation.

Genevac's Mega Systems provide ultra high throughput solvent evaporation and accommodate samples in formats larger than a microtitre plate.  Common examples are fraction collector racks from LC and MS systems, larger reaction blocks or proprietary sample formats.   Evaporation performance, controls and options are similar to HT systems.  Mega systems are truly high thoughput evaporators for production facilities.
The Genevac R4 Random Access Evaporator was the first product to offer drug discovery chemists the benefit of centrifugal evaporation combined with "open access" or 'walk-up' operation.

The incorporation of a unique auto-balancing rotor into Genevac’s proven microprocessor controlled evaporator allows samples to be loaded and unloaded without any requirement for balancing sample loads by mass. In addition, samples in solvents with differing volatility can be dried simultaneously.


Genevac Rocket Evaporator

For more than a quarter of a century, Genevac has followed a continuous programme of collaborative research and development in order to become the world leader in laboratory evaporation science and engineering. The culmination of this work is a revolutionary evaporation technology, incorporated for the first time in the Rocket™ Evaporator.

Developed as a consequence of users’ demands for an evaporator that could quickly process larger volumes of solvent in parallel and without supervision, the Rocket Evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate six flasks, each containing up to 450ml of solvent.   Alternatively a special holder or "Puck" can replace the flask and carry 3 ASE tubes in each position.  The user is able to focus on other tasks, confident that the Rocket will achieve perfect, reproducible results every time.
There are two principle applications for the Rocket:
1. for concentrating to a small volume
2. for drying samples completely
A film showing how the Rocket works and the application of the Rocket can be viewed by clicking here.

Genevac miVac Sample Concentrator Range

Drawing on Genevac's extensive experience in the drug discovery field, the miVac Series is designed to provide very high performance coupled with ease of use, occupying the minimum of laboratory space

The miVac Range of centrifugal sample concentrators are capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials.  Built-in special runs for working with water and water mixtures improve performance and optimise concentration time.

Choose from the miVac DNA Sample Concentrator for simple organic solvents, e.g. methanol, ethanol, and solvents up to 100°C BP, e.g. water, the miVac Duo Concentrator for low sample numbers or the miVac Quattro Sample Concentrator for larger numbers, the Duo and the Quattro are both available with the optional miVac SpeedTrap, Pressure Controller and pump(s). Both the SpeedTrap and the pumps (Duo Pump, Quattro Pump or Scroll) are also available separately.

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