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United Scientific is a leading supplier of Snijders Ultra Low Temperature Freezers and Climate Chambers for scientific and industrial use which includes a range of Cooling and Freezing Systems (Upright, Chest Freezers and Refrigerators ranging from -45°C to -86°C), scientific incubators and Growth Chambers.

Cooled incubators and walls (cap. 494 ltr. or 2x 231 ltr.)
Some marks/advantages:
- temperature range: -10°C/+60°C
- a potential free contact for external alarm
- doorgrip incl. cilinderlock
- stainless steel interior
- simple operation
- modern and practical design
- quiet energy saving Optyma compressors
- no dehydration, no need to use Petridishes etc.

- 2 compartments, independent controllable
- doors turning to the right or to the left
- with or without cooling.





LED Technology

We here by present you all our actual information about the various Snijders Scientific climate and LED related equipment.

The FlowStarLED climate cabinet with 100% LED lighting, incl. temperature/humidity and lighting adjustment, is suitable for experiments with any crop (max. height growth each platform 48 cm). Used LEDs: Philips research LEDs with 'direct cooling' colour blue, red and farred.

Microclima series,  a farred ratio of 1,0 (identical to sunlight) can be created by a combination of fluorescent and LED lighting. Used LEDs: Philips research LEDs, colour farred.

Stainless Steel lighting racks for climate cells: feasible with all available Philips LED modules (research, string and production modules), with or without 'direct cooling'and dimmable functions. Used LEDs: Philips LED string (red and blue).

The Microclima Arabidopsis climate chamber MCA1600: fitted with 3 lighting- and growth platforms. It's also possible to arrange a combination of fluorescent and LED lighting. This climate chamber has been developed for bulk growth of Arabidopsis. Used LEDs: Philips research LEDs colour farred (740 nm).


ECONOMIC PREMIUM ICH, cap. 780 ltr. (also without lighting).
The climate cabinet for modern insect breeding and research.

"Snijders Labs, Experienced Innovators".

Now all required functions, such as: temperature, relative humidity and light can be controlled. The latest programmable controller makes it possible to insert 50 programs and 1000 segments. Possibilities for day- and night cycle.

The Economic Premium ICH without lighting: this cabinet is especially fit for sporulation of fungi/mushroom cultures and research.
Controllable temperature and humidity cabinet (+4°C upto +60°C).


Snijders Scientific Climate Chamber Economic Delux (cap 432 ltr)

This climate chamber is designed for general applications in the plant growth technology, for genetic manipulations as well as for the cultivation of protoplasm, sporulation of fungi, alga growth, Arabidopsis tests and cell divisions.

Carefully developed and tested in daily practice, meeting the most stringent practice and climate demands.

Where the technical and economic aspects has been followed closely.

Snijders Scientific MICROCLIMA (cap. 1000 or 1750 ltr.)

The Microclima realizes optimum climatic conditions by adjusting the day- and night cycle very accurately, i.e. moisture, temperature and illumination. This allows the researcher to extend their research over all stages of plant development: from molecular genetics through to studies in plant physiology; from seed germination to mature growth and flowering (mutations and generations). Arabidopsis Thalania is grown in the Microclima chambers too.

Microclima MC1000E: a growth area of 0,9 m(1.8 m2 option) and 1,2 m. growing height.
Microclima MC1750E: a growth area of 1,4 m2 (2.8 m2 option) and 1,2 m. growing height.


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