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INFORS HT specialises in bioreactors, incubation shakers and bioprocess control software. For your applications, INFORS HT offers the right solutions including Fermentation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts), Cell culture (mammalian cells, insect cells, plant cells and algae), Biofuel (biodiesel and bioethanol), Parallel bioprocesses, Custom-made bioreactors and incubation shakers, Bioprocess control software and Qualification of bioreactors and incubation shakers.

Infors HT Lab Shakers

Product Description Celltron

celltron shaker

Key Benefits:

  • Best results
  • Gentle magnetic drive
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Minimal heat emission
  • Intuitive operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maximum reliability

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Product Description Orbitron


The bench-scale orbital shaker Orbitron is robustly built and particularly suited to operate for prolonged periods. It was especially developed for the widest possible range of applications, with the high precision and reproducibility of the shaker action being assured independently of shaker speed and load.

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Infors HT Custom Scientific Instruments

Infors HT supply high quality flexible technical solutions for advanced applications, with a strong customer focus

Flexibility means creating Innovative technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients
Flexibility is found in the open design of many machines, which are easy to expand or upgrade
Product Managers provide advanced technology and application support
Engineers create customised designs for special requirements, or make special modifications

No other supplier can provide this level of technical Flexibility

Infors HT Laboratory Shaker Accessories


Infors HT Iris Scientific Control Software

Data-Logging, Graphing and Control Systems Software

  • Software for Bioreactors
    INFORS HT has both a long history in bioprocess software and a modern, powerful version of the Iris program to continue providing the maximum capability to our present generation of users. Iris can be qualified for validation purposes and complies with CFR Part 11, 21.

    Also, our multiple bioreactor approach makes Iris ideally suited to the requirements of Process Analytical Technology (PAT). The same software provides high quality data acquisition and sophisticated control strategies for 200 mL of culture and 2000 L. The ability to handle data from sources such as RS232/485 serial communication and OLE for Process Control (OPC) provides a valuable bridge to a wide range of analytical devices.

    Iris has been designed for biologists, not engineers, and this is reflected in the ease of use and wide range of abilities available to all.

  • Software for Shakers
    INFORS HT provides software products that are tailor-made for the requirements of the users of shakers: for example the ShakerWeb soft


Infors HT Incubation Shakers



The Ecotron continues in the best traditions of INFORS HT equipment by being innovative, cost-effective and built with the quality inherent in Swiss engineering. It provides for the needs of users looking for incubator shakers for almost all common applications in a way which saves space, provides reliable operation for long duration experiments and gives a large capacity both in numbers and sizes of flasks shaken.


The small, stackable incubator shaker with magnetic drive. The downwards-opening front door provides unique advantages in terms of operator comfort and space utilization.

Multitron Family

Multitron is a family of high-capacity, stackable incubator shakers with many common features but each model has been designed to meet a particular need. The family covers a wide range of common applications and, should even this choice not be sufficient, our ability to produce specialised versions to meet individual requirements provides yet another alternative.

Multitron Standard  |  Multitron Pro  |  Multitron Cell

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